Very young kids cannot cope up the comprehensive dental treatment under conscious sedation and other multidisciplinary pediatric dentistry skills. So, your pediatric dentist may recommend the treatment by putting them to sleep.
We know its normal for a parent to feel worried when their dentist confirms the presence of cavities and propose the treatment under General anesthesia.
"Knowing the basics" beats the "fear of general anesthesia"
We practice making our patients well educated about the Dental procedures and general anesthesia. Get the insights about the general anesthesia from the more commonly asked questions of parents when we suggest General anesthesia.

How the anesthesia will be given? Am I allowed to be with my child while the ANESTHESIA is being given?
Younger kids may fear of separation from parents, so sometimes you may be allowed while your child was receiving anesthesia. Parents can't stay in the operating room but can accompany the kid in the recovery room after the procedure.

What kind of anesthesia will my child receive?

    A short acting balanced anesthesia the medications used by your pediatric anesthetist make the kid.
  • Feel relaxed and sedate.
  • Be quiet without moving.
  • Not to remember the procedures.
  • Numb and not to feel pain.

Is it safe? Will it affect my kids development?

100% safe. During the procedure, your kids vital signs breathing, heart rate, pulse, temperature are monitored by expertised professionals, anesthetists.
But it is important to inform your anesthetist the child's medical history including cough, respiratory problems, history of previous and current medications, allergies, past surgical history, familial history of anesthesia side effects (if any).

How long will it take for the procedures? How long will it take to fully wake up from general anesthesia?

Depends upon the length of Dental procedures which exceeds not more than 2 hours. The anesthesia maintained by inhalation has to be exhaled from lungs and thus how the kid awakes from the anesthesia.

How soon after the surgery can my child come home, eat, drink, go to school? Will there be any after effects?

Some kids may experience vomiting, sleepiness. So, your child in the recovery room will be fed and observed.
The child can carry out normal activities on the same day following the further care instructions.
But don't plan anything for that day.