Some of us will make it through life with a full set of 32 teeth. But it is not usually possible. Some will have broken teeth, grossly decayed teeth and missing teeth.
We are here in 21st century and we have all our technology to make it possible.
There are numerous solutions to save our teeth and replace our missing teeth to lead a happy and healthy life.

Solutions for your teeth:

Grossly damaged teeth:
When your teeth is grossly decayed and if you have night time pain, it is to be treated immediately.

    The treatment options are:
  • If it can be saved, root canal treatment is done to preserve the tooth.
  • If It can't be saved removal of the tooth is done. Replacement of the extracted tooth is most important than removal.

Missing teeth:
If missing teeth are not replaced early, there will be loss of space and replacement will become a problem.
The replacement options involve:
a) Fixed:
Bridges- are used for prosthetic replacement of missing tooth /teeth by permanently joining the artificial teeth to the adjacent teeth.
Implants- are artificial tooth roots surgically anchored into the jaw bone to replace missing tooth / teeth by holding the crowns and bridges in place.
b) Removable:
Removable dentures are used in case if one or more teeth is missing and fixed options are not possible.

Broken teeth:
If teeth is broken at the enamel level it can be filled with tooth coloured restorative material.
When fracture extends to the living tissue (pulp) of tooth, root canal is the best option and capping of the tooth is necessary.
Fracture involving the roots of the teeth are removed and replacement options are suggested.

Don't hesitate to treat and save your teeth...
Don't delay to replace your missing teeth....