Do you have missing teeth...?? Got sucked by your poor fitting dentures??? Don't want to lose your neighbor teeth to replace the missing one...??? Here is your solution...

Dental implants as we know them today were invented in 1952.Nowadays they are considered as the best choice of missing teeth replacement for both in single and multiple missing teeth.

A dental implant is a surgical prosthesis that is placed within the bone of the jaw (either maxilla or mandible) and allowed to fuse with the bone over a span of a few months. The implant replaces the missing tooth roots with their screw made of titanium, which is biocompatible and fuses with bone easily. The artificial tooth root is used in replacement with crown or bridges for missing teeth without affecting other natural teeth. Dental implant fused with the bone is the best thing mimicking your natural teeth. The process of the fusion of the implant with the bone is OSTEOINTEGRATION.

In this process of OSTEOINTEGRATION implant screw made of titanium is fused with the bone without being recognized as a foreign object.


There are mainly three options in replacing your missing teeth:

  • Removable denture (complete or partial denture): Removable dentures have the disadvantage of inconvenience in the mouth and loss of one's taste sensation with food. Frequently occurring mouth ulcers and cleaning part of the dentures are the major disadvantages.

  • Bridge (cemented): Bridges were considered as the option of fixed teeth replacement prior to the recent shift to dental implants. The disadvantage lies in their need for support from the adjacent teeth.

  • Dental implants: Dental implants depend only on the support of the bone for replacement. The choice of which treatment should go for depends on many factors.
    For dental implants the following factors are included:
    • Location of missing teeth
    • Quality & quantity of bone where the implant is going to be placed
    • Cost
    • The health of the patient
    • Patient preference

The dental surgeon will examine the area of tooth replacement and confirms whether the patient is a good candidate to go for replacement with IMPLANTS.

Dental implants are also used to retain poor fitting dentures (implant supported dentures).

Dental implants replace your missing teeth without disturbing other natural teeth. The fusion of the implant with the bone makes it stable and has the feel of one's own natural teeth.

Implants can be used as Temporary Anchorage devices in orthodontics (mini implants) and are removed once the need is fulfilled.