First trip to dentist... When should it happen?

Did you know that the right time for a kid's first dental visit is age one. This may seem quite earlier for many people but here's the reason why a child's first dental visit shouldn't be overlooked.

Everyday at our office, we come across a lot of parents wondering and worrying when their child were detected with early childhood cavities. The fact is that cavities may attack even before your baby turns 2 years. Hence we recommend you to bring your baby by age one though there may be fairly very few teeth visible during that period.

What happens at first visit?

Educating caregiver:

Being new parents, you may be ignorant and incognizant about looking after your baby's teeth. So the first visit will be focussed on educating the parents /caregiver about baby's feeding and hygiene habits, their impact on teeth.

One of the common mistake that new parents commit are leaving their baby to sleep with nursing bottle. This makes the sugary milk pool over the teeth night long leading to early childhood cavities. At worst scenario, the kid may need a comprehensive dental care under general anaesthesia. Hence, focus on wiping your kid's teeth with a wet cloth after feeding, make it a habit.

It needs considerable education to realize the extent of your own ignorance. Thus whether there is a cavity or not first Dental visit matters.

Early detection

Never believe everything you see. A child's teeth may seem cavity free, but don't neglect a dental visit. Your dentist can identify early cavity spots (white spot lesions) and reverse them with fluoride coatings before they frankly develop into cavity.

"Worst things aren't going to happen when you act to prevent it".