The world’s most EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT way to straighten your teeth


Your dentist uses the most advanced orthodontic tools, to provide you with the highest levels of orthodontic treatment. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach used in typical straight wire appliances, your dentist customizes your braces and wires.


Your dentist trained at Progressive Orthodontic Seminars in the most comprehensive and best networked orthodontic continuing education program in the dentistry. Your dentist utilizing computerized orthodontics to provide you the most effective and detailed diagnosis and treatment. By using the most advanced computerized orthodontics for treatment, your dentist makes each and every detail of your case is analyzed before starting, to give you the best smile and care.

The science & Components Behind it

Brackets are specific to each tooth and cannot be used in any other patient.

Custom welded bands available for each patient.

The Arch wires are specific in guiding your teeth within the size and shape of your unique bone structure

Long acting nickel-titanium springs and wires to extend the time between treatment visits to promote fewer visits

Computer aided diagnosis of the best bracket and wire combinations for each treatment.

Individual Orthodontics Chennai


Customized treatment as each childs teeth is unique, treatment is also customised and exclusive for each child which cannot be used for any other child.
Faster Treatment due to patient compliance and better acceptance to the treatment.
Fewer Visits To The Dentist which requires two months once visit to the doctor
More Comfort due to systematic approach and uniquely designed treatment
Better Smile is a given assurance using world class technology and widely used treatment
Improved Capacity To Retain In That Position
Your dentist uses cutting edge orthodontic technology to create the optimal treatment plan for you. Your doctor analyzes every detail before the case starts to interpret any potential problems before they happen. Some of the technologies used include digital cephalometric analysis, model measuring, visual treatment objectives and over 200 treatment plan templates.

“An appliance diagnosis for each patient leads to
a completely new dimension of orthodontics care that far surpasses that of the past”