From incorporating strength to giving a confidential smile, there are lots of striking feature that a crown could offer. Let’s look into the selection of crown for various kinds of teeth.

For Back teeth

Back teeth are important chewing teeth. So, choose crowns that could complement your gum health if your cavity hole extends below the gumline. (I.e. either completely stainless steel or metal free zirconia).
A crown may need not always be completely metal or completely metal free but also could be metal ceramic where porcelain is fused over metal.
Even this variety can give a chill vibe. So people are increasingly shifting to direct metal laser sintered ceramic caps as an alternative to traditional metal caps. If you have the habit of night grinding ,go for a night guard as grinding may tend to chip off the ceramic of your crown leaving the metal exposed.

For Front teeth

Exact colour shade is the best bet for the front teeth crowns.
Opt for zirconia that replicates your exact teeth colour especially for those teeth that could reach others eye view. Apart from aesthetics, they are durable, maintenance free and gum friendly.
One can also choose direct metal laser sintered (DMLS) ceramic crown. But It is important to keep in mind that due to the metal inside, teeth may show dark gumline over time.

For kids

This porcelain fused metal crowns won't work the best for kids, so the next thing to get as an alternative is zirconia.
If you don't prefer Zirconia, natural looking strip crowns and stainless-steel crowns are the way to go for front and back teeth respectively.

Mix and match
A mix and match pattern is a combination of a teeth coloured and metal caps.
Consider 80/20 principle to get the most from this mix and match. 80 percent of your kid's happy and confident smile is because of 20%of their teeth coloured caps. Zirconia/strip crowns can trigger happy thoughts to the parents and a fresh and vibrant look to any child.

A good selection of crown provokes healthy smile and make you feel good. Hence seek professional’s advice while moving into a crown.