Human dentition consists of 20 milk teeth and 32 permanent teeth.
Sometimes, these teeth may come in deviating from its normal sizes, shapes and number. Microdontia is one of the such striking Dental anomaly where one or more teeth is smaller than usual.

    Facts about the smallest teeth:
  • Microdontia affects commonly permanent teeth rather than baby teeth.
  • Illusion of small teeth happens with normal sized or slightly smaller teeth due to larger jaw size. This is hereditary.
  • Isolated microdonts are not uncommon. The maxillary permanent lateral Incisors (an upper front teeth and wisdom teeth are most commonly affected.
  • Involvement of all dentition in microdontia is rare and presents with "pituitary dwarfism" and "Down syndrome".
Supernumerary teeth (extra teeth) are also smaller.

    Masking Microdonts
  • Fillings and crowns:
    Cosmetic fillings, veneers, crowns can fix your Microdontia.
  • Orthodontic care:
    Not surprisingly, the missing tooth, midget tooth have a significant impact on teeth alignment which may need a complex orthodontic care and restoration to provide good occlusal relationship and aesthetics.
    Here, we have distributed spaces orthodontically and restored zirconia crowns to mask his naturally missing lateral incisors.