Myth or Truth: Cavity spreads from one teeth to other

What is the one thing that your instinct have threatened you when you're diagnosed with tooth decay? "Decay... stop them off before they spread to the next teeth".

So does a Cavity spreads from one teeth to other? Please read on to get insights about tooth decay.

Truth about Cavity formation:

It all starts with our diet and hygiene pattern.

Though our mouth hosts hundreds of bacteria, not everyone are going to punish your tooth like streptococcus bacteria (the bacteria which is a close friend of sugary foods).These bacteria while building their colony over your teeth release lactic acids which are solely responsible for the emergence and transmission of decay.

Cavity spreads, Truth of course!

Yes, Neighborhood tooth can also be affected if the decay develops at the contact point of two teeth. (One decayed and other healthy). The main reason for this transmission is food getting struck over the Cavity hole which eventually makes the non-decayed teeth exposing to bacteria.

Something like this:

Myth and also truth:

When a Cavity begins at the top of the tooth I.e. at the chewing surface, their progress and spread will be towards the inner portion of teeth. But if they leave untreated for long period, they may extend from top of the teeth to the contact point of the next tooth. This may trap food between two teeth inviting the decay on the neighborhood teeth.

Something like this,

Your teeth position, saliva, diet influences on the spread, if all were against you, Cavity develops. Thus saying that Cavity spreads is a Half TRUTH.