• October 1 is International day for older person.
  • This day focuses on issues affecting elderly people and their requirements.

In this developing world, there is rapid increase in the number of older people.
With this in mind, we enhanced our attention towards the challenges faced by older people to attend their needs and comforts of dentition.

Why the dental health is important for senior citizens…?
Dental health seems to be one of the personal hygiene of every individual and as you grow older, maintaining a good oral health leads to overall good health. Researches have found out that good oral health is a one of the powerful weapons against heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia.

Practice the five principles of hygiene:

  • Certain medical conditions may make brushing difficult or impossible for you. Use an electronic toothbrush or toothbrush with long handle twice a day to overcome the problem.
  • Receding gum and bone levels may annoy you with food lodging between teeth and gums. Use a floss/interdental brush/water flosser to clean between teeth.
  • Plan for a yearly dental visit for cleaning and to solve dental issues conservatively.
  • Replace your missing teeth to avoid bite issues if you were wearing dentures clean them on daily basis.
  • Drink fluoride water and use antiseptic mouth rinse if you have dry mouth because of certain medications.

“Celebrate your old age as much as any other time in your life...”