Let the sparkles of tooth jewellery illuminate your Diwali celebrations

Nowadays, a lot of our patients are not really patients but are people who work on to get into a better and confident smile for a better living.

If you are one among those, then treat yourself with dazzling tooth jewellery.

What is teeth jewellery?

Teeth jewellery is a dental accessory added over your front surface of the teeth which aids in adorning you with a charming smile.

How it bonds?

The treatment resembles that of a bonding procedures, no drilling is performed. The tooth is cleaned, dried and etched before bonding the sparkling gems which flashes every time you smile.

In contrary to any other cosmetic procedures, this is entirely painless, non-invasive, easy on the pocket, reversible (can be removed at any time by the dentist) with no after effects. The presence of the tooth accessory does not impede with your dental hygiene.

Stay unique:

Gone are the days when people visited dentists only when they have pain. Presently, people are demanding their dentists for a sparkling perfectly aligned white teeth, teeth jewellery to stay elegant and unique.

Keep up a face with new trends – You can't blend in when you're born to stand out!