Have you ever thought why do we need to look pretty or handsome.?

Maybe we want to look majestic, be confident enough, just for fun… to post on Instagram, Facebook. Whatever it may be, a confident smile has an overall power and influence over your charming looks.

Do you feel confident with your smile?

Or Is there something like a chipped teeth, teeth Discoloration, gaps between your teeth with which you are not feeling content with your smile.?

Then it's an era to adorn yourself an enchanted smile with zirconia veneers.

Adorn yourself an enchanted smile with zirconia veneers.

But, what’s so good about zirconia veneers compared to composite veneers/zirconia crowns?

  • Composite veneers may worn down/chip out over a period of time. It does stain with frequent intake of beverages.
  • Zirconia being highly translucent exactly matches your teeth shade. Though they are thin, they are significantly durable and exhibits extraordinary resistance to cracks.
  • Unlike a crown, the Zirconia veneers need very minimal grinding of only the front surface of the pertaining teeth.

Hence, looking for a permanent remedy, Zirconia veneers are always a best available conservative option to restore your front teeth.

So, how the procedures will be? Painful?
Entirely painless and No anaesthesia is needed. It will be executed in two sessions. At the first visit, your dentist will work on with teeth preparations, impressions. Natural teeth shade will be selected and photographed. The second visit will be a fitting appointment. The veneers will be bonded to the natural teeth with a resin adhesive interface.

How the veneers should be taken care of?

  • Just like your natural teeth.
  • Maintaining proper Oral hygiene.
  • Protecting your veneers from extraordinary hard pressures and forces.