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Apicoectomy Treatment in Chennai

Apicoectomy Treatment in Chennai

Apicoectomy Treatment in Chennai

Are you suffering much with your teeth and looking for the expert specialist of Apicoetomy Treatment in Chennai? Dr. Hari Dental Care is near to your location which treats you with the advanced latest treatment to get healing from the pain. Before getting treatment, let know what Apicoetomy is; it is also known as Root End Surgery which is adjoined with your tooth and helps your tooth to grow. In literally this treatment is for the removal of the apex in the root of the tooth. They are termed with Apical Surgery in which your tooth is treated and if it is found that the tooth become inflamed or infected, this Apicoetomy treatment is used at present.

Treatment Procedure for Apicoetomy Treatment:

The procedure of Apicoetomy is treated to be with fastest on the front teeth and at the back and lower of the jaw in mouth that might take longer time to complete the treatment with accurate. Since before starting the treatment we put the patient’s anesthesia and involve an incision on your gum that affects tooth. By using this procedure the tip of the tooth is sealed with medicinal cement to stop the infection and the spread of growing from the affected tooth. This treatment provides a good seal of leakage which lead to further infections. Also it may face some certain discomfort, pain, and swelling after the surgery and there are medications that surely helps to heal from the incision.

Reason of Root Canal fails and affects the tooth:

 When there is unusual and undetectable anatomy tooth  Cyst formation  Cracked tooth  Not instrumental in small accessory and lateral nerve canals

Recovery Tips for Apicoetomy:

 Avoiding strenuous activities  Take enough rest  Allow your gums and teeth to have rest until they get healed  Avoid crunchy food and brush the surgical area also rinse continuously

To have the best treatment in order to make your smile prodigious, consult our Doctors of Dr. Hari Dental Care to get the best results.

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