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Crown Lengthening Treatment in Chennai

Crown Lengthening Treatment in Chennai

Crown Lengthening Treatment in Chennai

Had you ever seen your smile in the mirror? Some people may have bright and incredible smile and at the same time some people’s smile is viscid. Are you willing to improve your gummy smile because since of having short teeth appearance? Actually the teeth will be in the proper length, but they are covered with gum tissue. To correct this, we are the eminent Crown Lengthening Treatment in Chennai who perform the best in giving the perfect treatment to resolve all your problems.

What is Crown Lengthening?

Crown Lengthening is the surgical procedure in which gum tissues or gingival bones of the tooth are removed to expose the crowns in length or make it more visible. This process is done with excessive gingival display for gummy smile that are done on a single tooth or multiple teeth.

Some reasons that caused for crown lengthening:

• Restoration of damaged teeth • Cosmetic uses • Dental Crowns

Also it is to be noted that, to have the Crown Lengthening while the following issues includes non-stop bleeding, more painful which cannot be controlled, you may feel that the crown get infected, excessive swelling, the protective dress become loose, and the jaw become swollen. Due to this causes, it is much better to have Crown Lengthening. Thus during the dental crown lengthening procedure, excess gum and bone tissue is reshaped to expose the natural tooth. This treatment is done to one tooth and to even the gum line, and to have bright smile our dentist is recommended to lengthen the crown.

Why Dr. Hari's Dental Clinic for Crown Lengthening?

The Crown Lengthening Treatment is well equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology as it helps our dental specialist to deliver the best surgeries in the safest possible way. Since our clinic is best in providing the perfect solution for the patients who come with sad and go from here with pleasant smile. We offer the best treatment in providing high-quality and long-lasting implant dentures. If you are the one with dull and gummy smile, take an appointment now for your personalized treatment plan.

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