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Early Childhood Caries in Chennai

Early Childhood Caries in Chennai

Early Childhood Caries in Chennai

Is your child is highly infected with cavities in teeth? Visit our Early Childhood Caries in Chennai to have the best treatment for your kids. Nearly 80% of kids love to eat sweet food items. It is the main reason for tooth decay. This tooth decay is the breakdown or destruction of tooth enamel and that lead to cavities.

How Tooth Decay is formed?

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria and other gums, cavities which contain carbohydrates that are left on the teeth. The cavities forming food items include;

Dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt and other products like soda, raisins, cake, fruit juice, cereals, and bread; Bacteria that live in the mouth can form change these foods making acids and they forms a substance called plaque that sticks in the teeth and After a long time, the acids made by the bacteria can eat away at the tooth enamel and finally causes cavities, It needs to say that most of the children have bacteria in the mouth due to not properly maintaining their mouth and teeth.

They may have the symptoms like; Pain in the area that around the tooth and Sensitivity to certain foods like sweets, hot or cold drinks

Also they may lead to risk such as high level of bacteria that causes cavities, a diet high in sugar and starches, water supply with limited or no fluoride, poor oral hygienic, and less flow of saliva than normal are the risk that may includes the risk factors for children due to cavities.

Meet us and have healthy teeth:

If you child has a sweet tooth, and you wished to make it healthier in bringing the cavities and gums outside and making it to maintain with good health; visit our Dental Clinic and our expert and adept professional teams of dental specialist is here to give the proper treatment for kids without any pain and removing the cavities. Also they are advised to visit us 3 month once to maintain their teeth and mouth hygiene and protective.

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