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Gingivectomy Treatment in Chennai

Gingivectomy Treatment in Chennai

Gingivectomy Treatment in Chennai

Are you not feeling well with your teeth which give gummy smile? Then you are the right person for Gingivectomy Treatment in Chennai who is prominent and profound to have the best treatment. Gingivectomy is a dental procedure in which the dentist cut the upper part of the gums in the mouth thus to treat gum disease or else to lengthen the height or width of a tooth which give you the best smile. This treatment is surgical removal of gum tissue that can be treated with certain condition like gingivitis. It also used to remove the excess gum tissue for cosmetic reasons such as to change your gummy smile to dazzle one.

Patient who can take Gingivectomy:

This Gingivectomy treatment may help the people struggling from with gum recession due to gum disease, aging, injury, and other bacterial infections. Our treatment also prevents the gum damage and cleaning the teeth, mouth with easier and maintaining the oral health and hygiene.

The benefit of Gingivectomy surgery includes:

 Removal of gummy smile from your face and giving a bright smile  Removal of periodontal diseases  Reduction of Gingivectomy  Removal of diseased gum tissues that improves oral health  Protecting the teeth as well as jaw bones  Reshaping of gum line which helps in giving attractive smile

Treatment of Gingivectomy:

Our Dental Clinic precedes this treatment by cleaning the teeth, under required with local anesthesia, marking the desired gum pocket, determining them and making an incision, removal of excess tissues, scaling and polishing the surface, dressing the surgical area, and monitoring eth progress of treatment with the help of advanced latest technology. Although the dentist advises to take the preventive measures such as avoiding food items which causes effects in the surgical area, take soft liquid and healthy diet after the surgery, use medical mouthwash with warm salt water, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, always have the checkup for 3 month once.

Why Dr. Hari's Dental Centre is expert in Gingivectomy?

If you are looking for the best treatment with latest technology, book your appointment with us and we make sure that the adept and well professional doctors and surgeons perform their best to heal the patients with wellness. This Hari Dental Clinic uses the well-equipped technology to make sure of feeling painless and comfort with our treatment also with high effective medications.

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