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Is your kid sucking his or her thumb at all hours of the day and night?

It is the best place in Chennai to receive the best therapy for Habit breaking appliances. Habit breaking appliances are specific dental appliances designed to break dental habits in children. This technique is often used to stop activities such as finger or thumb sucking, otherwise the child may become discouraged and more uncomfortable in the future. To get rid of that sucking habit completely, get advice from our professionals and highly educated doctors.

Benefits of using Habit Breaking Appliances include:

Highly effective and quick treatment with minimum invasive.

Helps you child to avoid the detrimental habits.

Decrease the risk that causes if this sucking continues that lead to teeth misalignment.

If your child sucks and you cannot maintain how to avoid this, schedule your appointment with us and make our best treatment which brings your kids to avoid sucking. Our professional dental experts give the best treatment for all habit breaking such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and also we offer them mouth breathing to have their dental healthy and preventing from growing of new teeth to grow in proper alignment.


Are your teeth looking in an unordered ups and downs line?

Then you are the right person to have this Lip Bumper treatment in Chennai. This lip bumper treatment is placed in front of the anterior teeth thus to remove the presence of the lips and cheeks from the front and back teeth. They are used to reduce the lower anterior crowding and increase an arch to move the permanent lower molar to maintain anchorage. Most of kids have this dental issue since that brace was made with metal bands in back teeth on your lower jaw with thin U-shaped wire.

Since this treatment extends your lower lip slightly and leaving some space for teeth to move into its position. This treatment might help to push molar back and bringing the teeth to look their smile pleasant. If you would like to have your child’s smile and teeth to be beautiful and incredible, make your appointment with us and have the best treatment with high effective.

The appliance that can be painful at first treatment and usually the patient complain of the bumper feeling was too tight after some weeks; they may have this like just a plastic hold in our mouth. Since the pain will be about only 2 to 4 days. When wearing this device, our expert dental specialist gives some suggestion to have this lip bumper to also be cleaned and brushed also to be maintained properly. Our professional dentist makes sure in giving the best treatment with good outcome as per that brings your children smile cheerfully.

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