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Impacted Tooth Extraction In Chennai

Impacted Tooth Extraction In Chennai

Impaction Surgery In Chennai

We at Dr.Hari’s dental centre employ the use of Nitrous Oxide conscious sedation to make your children co operative , to allay anxiety and to raise your kid’s threshold to pain. Nitrous oxide is recognized as safest sedative used in our kids dentistry to achieve optimal level of your kids relaxation .

Is your teeth is not in a proper position while growing? Our Impaction Surgery in Chennai is here to give the best treatment for the patients in making your smile more gorgeous. Though the Impact is nothing but the stuck that is, when a tooth stuck between the jaw bone and tooth. It is also the tooth that t has blocked from breaking through the gums and fails to erupt in dental arch and it is removed front to align the teeth by impaction surgery. While the first and second molar aligns in one line and the third molar goes behind the teeth, also it may become impacted because of inadequate space with adjacent teeth of abnormalities.

Symptoms that signs the Impaction Teeth:

It may include that the teeth if become infected or causes with issues such as

• Pain or swelling around the jaw • Red, swollen or bleeding gum • Bad breath • An ugly taste in your mouth • Often it gets problems while opening the mouth • They may also feel bad while speaking, chewing, etc.

In other cases, the affected tooth may break the gums and affect the tooth with fully impacted wisdom. If you are the one who has these kinds of signs and symptoms, then you are the one who needs to get the perfect solution from us.

If you didn’t take certain treatment then you may lead to several risk and complications such as hard to clean your mouth, food get trapped and hard to remove, and include infection, cavities, decay, difficulty flossing, damage of other teeth, gum disease, etc may affect.

What else, if you are having these symptoms; you need to have treatment at our Dental Clinic as soon as, since to prevent the other tooth. We make sure that our treatment with advanced latest technology makes all your dental health problems to get cure and they are advise you to have the dental health checkup 3 months once. To make your appointment, book in online and have the best and high effective treatment.

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