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Are you feeling bad or unhappy with your teeth?

Hereafter no need to worry about them, our Hari’s Dental Centre who provides Intrusion Treatment in Chennai which is near to your location which gives you the best treatment with high effective solutions. Mostly people may have this kind of disorder such as intrusion in which, movement in orthodontics is partially moved into the bone also it need to get the treatment to correct deep bite where there is no opposing tooth. This kind of teeth is treated widely with good care and advanced latest which need to prevent the risk from intrusion. The canal should be temporarily dressed with non setting calcium hydroxide paste and are given the best medications.

Tooth intrusion occurs when the tooth has been driven into gum line. Then this will force and push the tooth through the gums and even into the bone. Since if you are caused with severe pain while chewing the food, bleeding gums, red, swollen, or feeling something uncomfortable while opening your mouth; you need to get the best treatment with us. We provide you the best treatment and prevent other teeth from causing intrusion which lead the tooth to be disrupted.

If you are caused with this and looking for the perfect resolution without any side effects, have a visit at our dental experts who are well specialist in giving the best solution for these kinds of dental problems. Once make a appointment, you may the truth, how the treatment is, care and importance for your thus by providing them painless treatment to heal your problems as quick. Also we give some prevention tips to follow in your daily routine to prevent your teeth from bleeding, etc and need to check your oral health once in a month.



Orthodontic traction of impacted permenent teeth is a relatively frequent clinical complaint that poses a significant challenge for orthodontists .It often requires a multidisciplinary approach and may involve surgical exposure of the impacted permanent teeth and complex orthodontic mechanics to align the tooth back into the arch.

Early diagnosis is crucial to intervene efficiently and as soon as possible.

How is extrusion of impacted teeth done?

The most common traction method for palatally impacted canines involves a surgical exposure followed by the bonding of the orthodontic attachment, so that a light and slow force can be applied to move the tooth along the correct position.For labially impacted canines, three surgical exposure methods are recommended, according to the position of the tooth in relation to the mucogingival junction: gingivectomy; apically rotated flap; and the closed surgical approach (in which a surgical exposure is made to access the crown and facilitate bonding, with immediate closure afterwards).

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