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Headgear Treatment in Chennai

Headgear Treatment in Chennai

Headgear Treatment in Chennai

What is HeadGear and the how it heals the dental?

HeadGear is an orthodontic appliance that is used to correct bite and to support jaw alignment and growth for proper teeth alignment. If your teeth need to get the best alignment in proper position, let visit our Headgear Treatment in Chennai to have the best medications with pain less and high effective treatments are treated. Head Gear as the name implies, head cap, fitting straps, face bow, elastic band, tubes, chin cup, mouth yoke, and braces involves in the head gear. Patient who suffers from dental problems and other health issues might cause severe pain while they chew foods, or while speaking. Since there are many types of head gear such as cervical pull, high pull, reverse pull which is meant by facemask are included. This is categorized as per the patient’s pain and condition of dental treated.

Why need of Headgear?

Headgear is used to correct the tooth and jaw misalignment and tooth overcrowding. This treatment enhance facial aesthetics by correcting the profile and improve the appearance of smile with beautiful. This treatment works by exerting force on the upper or lower jaw that creates space between teeth to eliminate overcrowding or overlapping teeth. This treatment might help for the growth of teeth for kids and children by holding back the jawbone to grow in a proper way of position. It can also help people avoiding jaw surgery later.

If you believe that your child needs to have the orthodontic treatment, please schedule an appointment with our Dr. Hari’s Dental Centre in Chennai. Our expert doctors and surgeons will perform well and give you the best treatment to heal all your dental issues and making your oral hygienic and healthy.

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