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As all of us know dental treatment is more expensive but it’s mainly based on depth of the problem. As example if the teeth affected with dental caries and if it is an starting stage it can be managed with simple filling and with cheaper expenses but the same teeth incase it has been affected with deep caries involving pulp it may require either root canal treatment followed by crown or extraction once again it’s based on depth of tooth structure loss and the main thing is if we notice the teeth decay in earlier stage we can manage them with preventive treatment like filling and we can avoid more invasion treatment.

Filling is referred as excavation of dental caries in the teeth surface followed by restoring the tooth with tooth color material like composite etc. this filling can help the patient to prevent the deep of dental caries, saving the money and time as it’s an preventive treatment

When you have an habit of visiting your dentist 6 months once or have an regular dental appointment yearly once can be very helpful for you to identify the Initial dental caries and treatment them with filling will prevent further tooth structure loss. Most commonly dental caries is caused by acid producing bacteria, basically digestion starts from the oral cavity as digestion starts acids are formed due to prolong stay of sticky and chewy foods in the tooth surface leads to formation of more acids and destruction of tooth surface leads to browns spots named dental cavities. If you have a dental cavity and wish to restore it at the initial stage to maintain your oral cavity healthier visit our dental clinic and our expert with an professional teams of dental specialist is here to give the perfect treatment such as doing restoration by removing dental cavities and also advised us to visit the clinic in the regular basis at least 6 months once to maintain their teeth and oral hygiene.

Dr. Hari's Dental Centre is the best Dental Clinic in Chennai. Our Pediatric Dental Clinic have specialised dentist of Child Dental Clinic to offer (children and Adults) with Teeth Whitening Treatment, Orthodontic Treatment, Root Canal Treatment, Laser Dentists, Ceramic Braces Treatment, 3D Guided Implant Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentists, Periodontic Clinic, Apicoectomy Treatment, Basal Implant Treatment, Chin Cup Treatment, Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate Surgery, Crown Lengthening Treatment in the IT hub of Medavakkam, Madipakkam, Pallikaranai, Velachery, Ullagaram and surrounding areas in South Chennai.

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