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Aligners Vs Braces

As the brackets are fixed to teeth, it cannot be forgotten to wear them. Aligners need to be worn 22 hours a day. Patient compliance is needed

Effects Of Fluorides On Teeth

Fluorides reacts with HA crystals to form Fluorapatite Hydroxyapatite crystals. They are made of a dense crystal lattice with decreased solubility rate. Thus, making the teeth more resistant to caries producing acid attacks.

Why first dental visit is important for your children

Taking your children for regular dental visit and undergoing preventive procedures results decay free teeth (regular dental visit can help to detect starting stage of the dental issue such as cavities, gum disease, teeth alignment and so on)


Crown lengthening- the procedure where gums margin is cut to increase the tooth crown portion high

Primary Teeth

As parents we are the one who takes care of our children milk teeth and their oral hygiene care, so we should have the knowledge and importance of primary teeth.

Desensitizing Toothpaste

These active component reduce tooth sensitivity by either desensitizing the nerves or forming a protective barrier over the dentin acting as shield from external stimuli

Mouth Breathing Habit

This is an appliance named “MYOBRACE”, it is made up of silicon an rubber based material which is flexible It should be weared at whole night during sleep.

Chromogenic Bacteria Staining

Cola, fruit juices, soy sauce, cherries, pomegranates, Iron containing oral solution common to cause tooth staining.


Rinsing after every meals helps to remove stagnant food particles,this prevents the bacterial growth which is one of the most important causes of bad breath.

Malocclusion And Its Causes

Malocclusion, whatever may be its cause need to be corrected for esthetic as well as functional reasons.

Electric tooth brush

An electric tooth brush cannot do all the work on its own, you will still need to help your child practice proper brushing technique.

SDF In Pediatric Dentistry

The patient will return for a re-evaluation of the lesion as per the doctor’s recommendation at which point additional treatments may be necessary. The process is completely painless.

Chlorhexldine Mouthwash

Explore the benefits of Chlorhexidine mouthwash in our latest blog. Learn how this powerhouse solution enhances dental hygiene and promotes oral health.

Dental sealants

Discover the power of dental sealants in our latest blog. Uncover how these protective coatings shield teeth, prevent decay, and enhance oral well-being.


Explore the ins and outs of dental plaque in our latest blog. Learn how to prevent, manage, and maintain optimal oral health for a plaque-free smile.

What Is The Right Age To Start Brushing Your Child S Teeth

Discover the ideal age to initiate your child's dental care journey. Explore tips, insights, and expert advice for establishing a healthy teeth-brushing routine

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