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Are you not feeling well with your teeth which give gummy smile?

Then you are the right person for Gingivectomy Treatment in Chennai who is prominent and profound to have the best treatment. Gingivectomy is a dental procedure in which the dentist cut the upper part of the gums in the mouth thus to treat gum disease or else to lengthen the height or width of a tooth which give you the best smile. This treatment is surgical removal of gum tissue that can be treated with certain condition like gingivitis. It also used to remove the excess gum tissue for cosmetic reasons such as to change your gummy smile to dazzle one.

Patient who can take Gingivectomy:

This Gingivectomy treatment may help the people struggling from with gum recession due to gum disease, aging, injury, and other bacterial infections. Our treatment also prevents the gum damage and cleaning the teeth, mouth with easier and maintaining the oral health and hygiene.

Treatment of Gingivectomy:

Our Dental Clinic precedes this treatment by cleaning the teeth, under required with local anesthesia, marking the desired gum pocket, determining them and making an incision, removal of excess tissues, scaling and polishing the surface, dressing the surgical area, and monitoring eth progress of treatment with the help of advanced latest technology. Although the dentist advises to take the preventive measures such as avoiding food items which causes effects in the surgical area, take soft liquid and healthy diet after the surgery, use medical mouthwash with warm salt water, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, always have the checkup for 3 month once.

The benefit of Gingivectomy surgery includes:

Removal of gummy smile from your face and giving a bright smile

Removal of periodontal diseases

Reduction of Gingivectomy

Removal of diseased gum tissues that improves oral health

Protecting the teeth as well as jaw bones

Reshaping of gum line which helps in giving attractive smile


Are you looking for the best Flap Surgery in Chennai?

Here is the best hospital which gives you the perfect solution for the removal of gums. This Flap Surgery is a type of gum procedure that are separated from the teeth and again folded back. It allows dentist to reach the root of the tooth and that can progress to affect the bone and it surrounds and supports your teeth and mouth healthier. This flap surgery is also termed as Periodontitis which is an advanced gum disease in which the teeth are in danger and they need to give the best treatment. Thus to correct the pathological conditions and our dental clinic provide you the finite solution also by non-surgical techniques such as cleaning and scaling.

Sign and Symptoms for Gum Disease of Flap Surgery:

This Flap Surgery of Gum Disease is painless often we need to get aware from the following signs such as:

Swollen, red, tender or bleeding gums

Loose teeth

Persistent bad taste and breath in the mouth

Gums that recede or move away from the tooth

Pain while chewing

If these symptoms are tested then the flap surgery is the best alternative treatment for patients. Often this surgery is the preferred method to get repair and treat also getting aware of gums and cavities that inflame tissues, sensitivity, bleeding and pain. If it causes a serious gum disease, known as periodontal disease, our expert dentist and surgeons prefer Flap Surgery which

Remove bacteria from beneath your gums

Making it easier to clean the teeth

Reshaping the bone that support your teeth

Also have the ability to prevent further gum damage and disease


Periodontal Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is also known as periodontal flap surgery or gum surgery is a dental procedure designed to treat advanced gum disease and improve the health of the gums with the underlying bone. This surgical approach involves creating a "flap" of gum tissue to access the roots of teeth and the underlying bone for thorough cleaning and treatment.

Indications of Flap surgery Procedure

Flap surgery, also known as periodontal flap surgery or gum surgery, is a dental procedure that is indicated for individuals with advanced gum disease (periodontitis) when non-surgical treatments like scaling and root planing are not sufficient to address the condition.

Here are the common indications for flap surgery:

  • Deep pockets form between the teeth and gums as a result of advanced gum disease. When pocket depths exceed a certain threshold (usually 5mm or more), flap surgery may be recommended to access and clean these hard-to-reach areas.

  • Advanced gum disease can lead to gum recession and bone loss around the teeth. Flap surgery is indicated when there is significant loss of supportive bone structure.

  • Periodontal abscesses or infections that do not respond to conventional treatments may require surgical intervention to clean the infected area and promote healing.

  • When inflammation and bleeding of the gums persist despite non-surgical treatments, flap surgery might be necessary to remove inflamed tissue and treat the underlying infection.

  • Advanced gum disease can compromise the stability of teeth due to bone loss and weakening of the supporting structures. Flap surgery aims to stabilize the teeth by treating the underlying condition.

  • Flap surgery allows the periodontist to access and thoroughly clean the root surfaces of the teeth, removing bacterial deposits (plaque and tartar) and infected tissue.

  • In cases of significant bone loss, flap surgery can provide access to the affected areas, where bone grafts or regenerative materials can be placed to stimulate bone regrowth.

  • Flap surgery is designed to reduce pocket depths, eliminate infection, and promote gum tissue reattachment to the root surfaces of the teeth.

  • Flap surgery is indicated when the overall oral health of the patient is compromised by advanced gum disease, and non-surgical treatments alone are insufficient to address the condition.

  • Flap surgery aims to prevent tooth loss by treating the underlying gum disease and maintaining the stability of the teeth and their supporting structures.

Various techniques used in flap surgery:

  • Open flap debridment flap
  • Papilla preservation flap
  • Modified widman flap
  • Laser assissted flap

Flap surgeries benefits:

  • High success rate in treating gum disease
  • Treating gum disease and improve oral health
  • Aims to stabilize the teeth by treating gum disease and preserving supporting structures
  • Can prevent tooth loss

Your periodontist will schedule follow -up appointments as needed to montior your healing progress and provide ongoing care, all the above procedures can be carried out painless with local anesthesia along with concious sedation for less post-operative pain and discomfort.


Are you looking for Gum Depigmentation Treatment in Chennai?

If you need to get the perfect solution for your dental health issues, our Dental Clinic is near to your location to give the best medication with cosmetic dentistry to lighten and to remove black shots with patches that caused by melanin. This discoloration of gums may affect the mole which is kept in mind and does not have any kind of ill effects on health. This treatment may affect the quality of smile and the overall appearance of the person with pigmentation of gums.

In short, the Depigmentation is nothing but they are the removal of pigmentation that has taken chance of gums and aims to eliminate the pigmentation so that a gummy smile can change into bright and dazzle smile by this treatment. Also our expert dentist advises to follow some of the preventive measures such as avoiding hot, spicy, crunchy and other cold foods items for the next 24 hours thus to improve the oral dental health hygiene. It might include avoiding smoking, alcohol, and consumption of tobacco products, etc.

Gingival depigmentation / gingival depigmentation:

Melanin pigmentation often occurs in the gingiva as a result of a abnormal deposition of melanin , due to which the gums may appear black .The degree of pigmentation varies from the one person to another and depends on various factors especially the melanoblastic activity.

Gingival depigmentation can be considered as periodontal plastic procedure where by the gingival hyper pigmentation is removed by various techiques such as:

  • scalpel technique
  • Cryosurgery
  • Laser ND YAG LAser Er YAG Laser
  • Co2 laser
  • Electrosurgery
  • Chemical methods

All the above procedures are painless and can be planned under local anesthesia and conscious sedation .

Call us to heal your dental with advanced latest equipment:

Dr. Hari's Dental Center gives the best treatment with high comprising expertise dentist and surgeons with high qualified expertise in the field. Our hospital includes professional qualified medications and treatments for 24*7 emergency services also with easy and affordable effective cost of treatments. Call us and book an appointment now to get the best advice for Gum Depigmentation problems. We are right here by you side to heal all your health issues.



One of the challenges dental patient face is their gummy smiles. They are hestiant to smile widely as they are embarrassed by their short teeth and prominent gums.

Crown lengthening procedure is a procedure that involves removing soft tissue and sometimes bone to increase the exposure of teeth. This treatment lengthens the crowns.CROWN LENTHENING procedure is painless because we will use anesthetic and can also be done with concious sedation to make the process as comfortable as posasile. Purpose of crown lengthening is a part of treatment to restore teeth both aesthetic and functional.. For few dental patients it is a cosmetic dental treatment plan, to create a more visually appealing crown.