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Hereafter no need to worry about them, our Hari’s Dental Centre who provides Intrusion treatment in Chennai which is near to your location which gives you the best treatment. Traumatic injuries of the anterior teeth in children have a psychological impact both on parents and the child, especially if the injury affects the permanent dentition.

Tooth intrusion occurs when the tooth has been driven into gum line. Then this will force and push the tooth through the gums and even into the bone. Since if you are caused with severe pain while chewing the food, bleeding gums, red, swollen, or feeling something uncomfortable while opening your mouth; you need to get the best treatment with us. We provide you the best treatment and prevent other teeth from causing intrusion which lead the tooth to be disrupted.

If you are caused with this and looking for the perfect resolution without any side effects, have a visit at our dental experts who are well specialist in giving the best solution for these kinds of dental problems. Once make a appointment, you may the truth, how the treatment is, care and importance for your thus by providing them painless treatment to heal your problems as quick. Also we give some prevention tips to follow in your daily routine to prevent your teeth from bleeding, etc and need to check your oral health once in a month.



Orthodontic extrusion, also known as forced orthodontic extrusion or forced orthodontic eruption, is defined as tooth movement caused by coronally directed orthodontic forces. It is performed to change tooth position or induce therapeutic changes on the surrounding alveolar bone and soft tissue, In the treatment of traumatized or impacted teeth and to expose dental structure to facilitate tooth restoration.

Orthodontic extrusion can be obtained using different orthodontic strategies: fixed appliances, removable appliances and temporary anchorage devices such as mini-screws.

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