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Painless dentistry has entered a new era with lasers, laser replaces the dental drill and scalpel which had feared the patients for many years.

advantages of using laser?

More convient to use

Painless during the procedure

Less discomfort after the procedure

Laser provides minimal or no bleeding during any dental procedure

will it bleed after the procedure?

Laser provides minimal or no bleeding during any dental procedure

Will it be painful during after the procedure

All the dental procedure using lasers are done under local anesthesia, along with conscious sedation which has less pain and discomfort during and after the procedure.

laser root canal treatment in chennai:

Laser assisted root canal allows for more precise removal of infected tissue, reducing the risk of recurrence and promoting faster healing which is completely painless, more effective, efficient than traditional method of root canal treatment.

Benefits over traditional root canal treatment

Includes painless treatment

Provide infection free root canals

High success rate

More confort to the patient

And prevents re-infection

Improves oral hygiene

other applications:

Laser assisted subgingival curettage - dental curettage consist of scrapping the roots of the teeth to eliminate bacteria under the gums

Benefits of laser curettage, promotes healing and enhance tissue regeneration. These procedures can be performed painless under conscious sedation.

Laser assisted flaps, is an effective treatment for improving the dental health with less pain, bleeding, swelling, tissue removal and recovery time than traditional flap which is done using scalpel.

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