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Root canal treatment

Now a days root canal treatment in Chennai has became as one of the most common dental procedure.

Reason behind the root canal treatment ?

Root canal treatment is done when there is severe pain, deep dental caries involving pulp, periapical lesion etc…

Anatomy of tooth :

Basically teeth is composed of three layer first enamel , second dentin and third pulp is the dental cavity is so deep and it touch’s the pulp horn the infection will spread throughout the pulpal tissue and the only treatment is removing the pulpal tissue and cleaning the root canal till the apex of the root and the infection below the root will be reduced by taking antibiotics.

What happens during the treatment?

First the treatment will be started be removing the dental cavities in the tooth by using high speed airotar and followed by opening the pulpal floor of the tooth and removal of pulpal tissue, irrigation of the root canal will be done using saline and files will be used to cleaning and shaping of the root canal with subsequent use of irrigation in the canal followed by permanent filling of canal with the gutta percha cones.

Root canal treatment will be done only if there is sound tooth structure and only if there is two side of the dentinal wall and the root canal treatment can’t be done if there is desired amount of tooth loss , if there is mobility in the teeth, any external resorption in the root surface. Usually root canal treatment is completed by placing an crown in the root canal treated teeth because as we remove the pulpal tissue which gives the nourishment to the teeth so it may become more brittle and has the tendency to broke easily so it’s always better and advisable to place a crown in the root canal treated teeth within certain period of time

If you have severe tooth pain or deep dental cavity visit dr. Hari’s dental Centre in Chennai, we have our own expert team with an root canal specialist to give the needed treatment at perfect time and here the root canal treatment is absolutely an painless procedure.

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